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Water Quality Tips to Win You Over This Winter

Winter in Michigan is full of adventure. Skiing, sledding, snowmobiling, ice fishing - there are many exciting activities this time of year. But winter also means snow, ice, and hazardous conditions. How we handle these hazardous conditions, such as icy roads or slippery sidewalks, has an impact on our natural resources. What we put on our roads and driveways today can end up in our local waterbodies tomorrow. During snow melt, any salt, sand, or deicers that were used can make their way down storm drains and into surrounding lakes, rivers, and streams. Salt and deicers can be deadly to fish, aquatic plants, and other aquatic life. Sand can make the water murky, which makes it difficult for plants to grow and aquatic animals to eat. Additionally, these materials can reduce our ability to use the water for drinking, irrigation, or recreational opportunities, such as fishing or swimming.  This winter, consider these tips for managing ice and snow – these tips can help protect you, your w